World’s Best Dice Cup


Back in the 90’s the ASL OPEN was held at the Best Western in Burr Ridge, Illinois.  The best part of the Best Western was found in the rooms.  The glasses (remember when they were glass instead of cheap plastic) were perfect for rolling dice.  I suspect that each year the Best Western ordered extra glasses because nearly everyone took home one or two cups.

Well they’re baaack!

These are 8oz heavy bottom tumblers.  They come with three 10mm dice, one each: red, black and white.  These are round cornered dice so they will spin in the cup before coming to two, or twelve or all points in between.

The cup has the ASL OPEN band around the lip for easy grip.

Choose black or white band, all come with three dice.

$8.00 each or two for $15.00 (plus shipping) available only through the ASL OPEN.

Sorry we have run out, that’s it, no more.